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Incontinence or freedom?

Incontinence or freedom?

Freedom means …

MarienkäferIt are the little things in life that make life worth living. For one it is a cup of coffee during shopping, for the other it is the daily swimming in a public swimming pool.

But what happens if incontinence is dominating your life? You stay at home because you aren’t able to move easily.

“Only when you are safe can you be free.” This wisdom of Alexander von Humboldt was a motivation for us to conceive the tampons which give you the security to feel free in spite of incontinence. The tampons are worn in the body, totally discrete.

We work on as RECA Med to perfect the tampons to your individual needs since 1995.

The product lines RECA fem and RECA care have been created in this way.

Bladder Weakness

Our vaginal tampon RECA fem is the ultimately care for all women affected by bladder weakness. Wearing a RECA fem tampon is without visibility. The tampon is inserted into the vagina and the feeling is the same like with a menstruation tampon. Caused through its anatomic shape the tampon support the bladder neck and prevent the loss of urine. RECA fem give you security, freedom and zest of life.

Anal Incontinence

Our RECA care anal tampon is an attractive alternative solution to conventionally used products and simple in their application. The skin-friendly tampon is giving you security, zest of life as well as freedom. In tests the shape has been developed continuously. Seven individual shapes and sizes provide an optimal fit. RECA care tampons are worn in the body and not visible. You will be independent of time and place.

Instructions for use

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